Inventing With Electronics For Beginners Volume 1

  • ⚡️ THE PERFECT STARTER KIT ⚡️ You'll be hooked after your first project. Over 240 parts (See Details Below). No soldering required. Made In USA. This kit is ideal for beginners ages 10-110 interested in exploring computer programming and electronics together. Explore lights, motors, sound, circuits, and controls. This invention kit teaches real coding skills and sets a new standard in terms of quality, learning, and most of all, fun. If you get one STEM kit, get the best. Get MakeXchange.
  • ⚡️ INCLUDES PROJECT GUIDE ⚡️ Build your own electronic games, musical toys, and more with our 62-page full-color project guide. Includes building instructions, programming code and more for 14 thrilling projects you can explore.
  • ⚡️ INNOVATIVE DESIGN ⚡️ MakeXchange has reinvented the invention kit. Created by University of Chicago graduate student, the MakeXchange Invention kit artfully combines powerful STEAM learning tools with innovative, durable, and beautiful design. The result is one of the finest STEM products on the market capable of inspiring future inventors to take their creativity to new heights.
  • ⚡️ DRIVERS AND SOFTWARE INCLUDED ⚡️ Each kit includes a USB thumb drive containing all drivers and installation software required for easy and painless setup. Works with MacOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems.
  • ⚡️ ARDUINO COMPATIBLE ⚡️ The MakeXchange invention kit uses an Arduino-Compatible Microcontroller, a standardized tool used by professional engineers the world over for prototyping real inventions. Because these microcontrollers are so broadly used, you can find 1,000s of other projects like the ones in our guide from countless resources online.

Learn how to write code that controls machines!

Learn the fundamentals of inventing with electronics with this innovative STEM education tool. Work your way through a series of exciting projects outlined in the included manual to develop skills in the following areas:

  • Basic circuitry
  • Common electronic components
  • Writing code to control them
Designed with the beginner in mind, The lab has the following features:
  • Disguised as a book but opens to reveal your very own invention lab
  • Custom stackable trays keep you organized
  • Unique fasteners store and protect your creations
  • Hidden magnets hold parts to the work surface so they don't scatter or get lost
  • Innovative design lets you break down or pick up where you left off in seconds!
  • Durable water-resistant laminated body emulates a hardback textbook

The lab comes with over 230 electrical components you can combine in countless ways to explore your imagination.


  1x           Project Guide Booklet (62-Page Full Color Spiral-bound)

  1x           Durable Storage Case With Magnetic Work-Surface Organizer

  1x           Microcontroller circuitboard (arduino-compatible)

  1x           USB Cable

  1x           USB Thumb drive (2GB)

  1x           400 PT Breadboard (clear plastic)

  2x           Stackable Storage Trays

80x           Assorted Jumper Cables

12x           Red LEDs

12x           Yellow LEDs

12x           Green LEDs

10x           Multi-colored LEDs

25x           330 Ohm Resistors

25x           10k Ohm Resistors

  1x           BATTERY CONNECTOR (6 x AA)

10x           Tactile Push Button Switches

  5x           Potentiometers

  1x           Mini Magnetic Buzzer

  1x           Temperature Sensor

  8x           Transistors

12x           Diodes

  1x           Integrated Circuit 8-bit Shift Register chip

  2x           6/9v DC Motor

  1x           Toy Servo Motor

  1x           Small Screwdriver

  1x           Acrylic Developer Plate

  4x           Small Machine Screws

  8x           Hex Nuts

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